Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns, also known as CEREC crowns, are a modern dental solution that allows for the restoration of damaged or decayed teeth in just one visit to the dentist. Unlike traditional crowns that require multiple appointments and waiting times, same-day crowns offer a convenient alternative.

With same-day crowns, you no longer have to endure weeks wearing temporary restorations or making repeated visits to complete treatment. Instead, you can enjoy restored oral health and a beautiful smile, all within a single appointment!

How Are Same-Day Crowns Made?

The first step is digital scanning. Instead of using messy impression materials, our dentist will use an intraoral scanner to capture detailed images of your teeth and gums. This technology ensures precise measurements and eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional impressions. Once the scan is complete, the information is sent to a computer-aided design (CAD) software program. Using this technology, your dentist can create a virtual model of your tooth restoration right before your eyes. This allows for customization and adjustments to ensure optimal fit and aesthetics.

Next comes the milling stage. With, we can deliver crown in a single visit. The CAD file is transferred to a milling machine that uses high-quality ceramic material to carve out the crown or bridge from a solid block. This process typically takes about 15 minutes, allowing you to receive your restoration on the same day as your appointment! After milling, any necessary finishing touches are made by hand before polishing and glazing to give it its final shine. The result? A strong, durable crown that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns offer numerous benefits compared to traditional crown procedures:

  1. Time-saving: Unlike traditional crowns that require multiple visits to the dentist, same-day crowns can be completed in just one appointment. This means less time spent away from work or other activities.
  2. Convenience: With same-day crowns, there is no need for messy impressions or temporary restorations. The digital technology used allows for a precise and comfortable fit, eliminating the need for return visits.
  3. Aesthetics: Same-day crowns are made using high-quality materials such as porcelain or ceramic, which closely resemble natural teeth in terms of color and translucency. This ensures a seamless blend with your existing teeth, enhancing your smile.
  4. Durability: Same-day crowns are designed to be strong and long-lasting. They are highly resistant to chipping or cracking, allowing you to eat your favorite foods without worry.
  5. Preservation of tooth structure: Compared to traditional crown procedures that often require significant removal of healthy tooth structure, same-day crowns aim to preserve as much natural tooth material as possible while still providing strength and support.
  6. Comfortable fit: Same-day crowns are custom-made using digital imaging technology, ensuring a precise fit that feels comfortable in your mouth.

If you are considering dental crown treatment, ask our dentist about same-day crowns as an option. Call Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, AZ 85284 at (480) 831-1700 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin Sobieraj.


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