Root Canal Treatment in Tempe, AZ

Root Canal Treatment in Tempe, AZ

Persistent tooth pain and swelling, enamel discoloration, and extreme sensitivity may indicate that you need a root canal. At one time, root canals were a feared process among patients. These days, a root canal has become a routine procedure due to advancements in dentistry. 

At Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, AZ 85284, you can be assured of comfortable root canal treatment using excellent sedation and anesthesia techniques that will help keep your anxiety away.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative procedure performed to remove damaged and decayed tissue, cure the infection within the inner tooth, and cap the tooth to protect it from future conditions. They are standard procedures that can help save a tooth from extraction.

When Would You Need a Root Canal?

The plaque accumulation on the teeth hardens to become a more calcified form known as tartar. Plaque and tartar destroy the tooth slowly and produce cavities that expose the inner layers of teeth. Once enough damage has occurred, the inside of the tooth where the pulp and nerve endings are present become infected. This infection can be hazardous not just to your oral health but also to your overall health. During thisphase, you are most likely to experience significant pain as well. A root canal will cure the infection and restore a tooth's functions.

What Is the Process of Root Canal Treatment?

Dr. Martin Sobieraj will first perform a comprehensive examination to determine if a root canal can help save the tooth. After you are found to be fit, X-rays are taken to observe the root canal's shape and the extent of infection in the adjacent bones. Local anesthesia is then administered to numb the area around the affected tooth to calm the patient.

Next, a rubber sheet is secured around the tooth to keep it free of saliva. An opening is drilled into the affected tooth, and the pulp containing the harmful bacteria is extracted using root canal files. After the tooth is cleaned of all the debris, it is packed with a medicated substance and sealed. 

The concluding step involves the further restoration of the tooth. The cured tooth needs to be capped with a crown to protect it, prevent breaking, and restore its function.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Root canals are planned to remove pain, not cause it. For most, root canal therapies are no more painful than a dental filling. Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue are utterly numb during treatment, so there's no risk of discomfort.

If you have an infected tooth, Dr. Martin Sobieraj will save your tooth from extraction and relieve your pain with root canal therapy. Call our office, Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, AZ 85284, at (480) 831-1700 to schedule an appointment.


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