Bone Grafts in Tempe, AZ

Bone Grafts in Tempe, AZ

Nowadays, most patients opt for dental implants as a way for tooth replacement. Unfortunately, some may not have adequate bone mass to receive the implant posts. Such patients can qualify for treatment after a preliminary bone grafting procedure. 

At Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, AZ 85284, we perform all types of pre-implant bone grafting and sinus lift augmentation to help patients undergo dental implants procedure. With our expert care, you can achieve considerably improved oral health and an enhanced quality of life.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure that helps increase bone volume in an area of the jaw where it is deficient. It is done to allow dental implant placement or support the health of existing teeth. Bone grafting is frequently performed at the time a tooth is extracted to promote bone growth. It can also be used to revive bone growth where it has been lost over time.

What Are the Types of Bone Grafting?

There are three types of bone grafting, and we can help you decide the best procedure for your needs based on your treatment requirements and current density of bone.

  • Ridge Preservation with Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions performed with ridge preservation help preserve the existing bone. Using specialized instruments, we can retain as much bone as possible as teeth are removed. And then, a bone graft is immediately applied into each newly opened socket. 

  • Ridge Augmentation Bone Graft

Ridge augmentation can increase volume to the existing bone for patients who have experienced bone depletion after tooth loss. Based on the extent of bone loss, this graft can sometimes be performed simultaneously with implant placement.

  • Sinus Lift Bone Graft

The roots of upper molars rest very near your sinus cavities, just above the mouth. When the teeth are lost, the sinus typically expands, shrinking the jaw and reducing the amount of bone required to support dental implants. A sinus lift will add bone to this area to prevent implants from penetrating the floor of the sinus.

How Is a Bone Graft Performed?

Before undertaking a bone graft, we will examine your mouth and take digital images of your mouth. These images allow us to see the exact condition of your jaw and will enable us to create an effective treatment plan.

The surgery starts with the administration of a local anesthetic. Incisions are cut in your gums to gain access to your jawbone. If we will use your own bone tissue, other incisions will be made at the site where the tissue will be harvested. The bone tissue is taken from the donor site and placed in the depleted areas in your jaw. The surgical sites are then sutured. Once you have sufficiently healed from your bone graft, you can begin the process for dental implants.

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