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Online Reviews

We appreciate hearing patient reviews, endorsements and testimonials; and we enjoy sharing them even more. Here are some reviews from various locations on the web we’d like to share.

If we’ve had the pleasure of giving you a smile you love, review Beautiful Dentistry today. Thank you!

“I have been going to Dr. Heap at Beautiful Dentistry since 1998. They are always friendly and accommodating. Most importantly, they are extremely capable.”


“I have been using Beautiful Dentistry for over 10 years and I love them! The staff is always pleasant and helpful and Dr. Heap is fantastic. He is the first dentist I have had where the shots were painless. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I don’t plan on ever using another dentist.”

Becky O.

“Having suffered a lifetime from severe dental phobia, I am not one to speak in support of most dental treatment facilities; but after my experiences the past month at Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, I feel the need to give kudos where credit is due and offer my hearty nod of approval. 

“I am SO impressed with their empathy, skill, service, state of the art equipment, procedures, and work ethic, that I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch dentist. 

“Today, I feel empowered and pride in my teeth. Not only did they bring them back into tip top shape (after I assumed they were beyond repair), they taught me, without judgment, how to care for them properly so my teeth will last a lifetime 🙂 They also aided me in getting the most out of my dental insurance with the least cost to me, and did not try to up sell me on anything. 

“Overall–they are a great group of people. My experience was pain free and one of acceptance. And best of all, now that I am not afraid to visit the dentist (thanks to them), I have saved my teeth.

“Yay for Beautiful Dentistry!”

Britney B.

“As an adult I am terrified of dentists due to childhood lack of being taken to them. After many traumatic dental experiences mostly due to no childhood care, and being sick of mean uncaring judgmental dentists, I as an adult have finally found a place where  I feel comfortable.

“The front office really takes their time with you on the phone and is interested in your concerns and fears. Dr. Heap is gentle and actually listens. He offers sedation dentistry which is what I need but hopefully one day I won’t.

“His office is beautiful and comfortable. Dr. Heap probably doesn’t realize what he has done for me and my fear. I love you Dr. Heap! I just had an appointment and it was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

Amanda M.

“Excellent service, wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


“I happily drive to see Dr. Heap & staff from the other side of the valley. I’ve been going for years and have been extremely pleased with the various services received. My whole family will continue to see Dr. Heap for our dental needs.”


“Dr. Heap and his wonderful staff are great! I will never go anywhere else. HIGHLY recommend!”


“One of the best things about this place is not only the amazing dentist and assistants but something that most dentist offices do not do and that is having a knowledgeable payment lady. She not only calls the insurance to verify what they will cover but she takes you into a office and explains everything to you.

“She offers you a defined plan explaining how much is owed each visit and what procedures will be done. No dental office has ever done this to the magnitude of this dental office & for that I rate them excellent. They didn’t quote me 1 price and bill me for what the insurance didnt cover.”


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