Laser Dentistry to Fix Cavities

Laser Dentistry to Fix Cavities

Posted by Dr. Sobieraj on Feb 21 2022, 07:26 AM

Laser Dentistry to Fix Cavities

Having a tooth cavity means getting it treated as soon as possible. Nowadays, there are numerous options for that. The most advanced option is laser dentistry which makes the whole process painless. So now you can get rid of that bothering toothache without going through the sound of a drill.

Laser dentistry is not just for treating cavities but also can treat conditions like gum disease, canker sores, etc. 

How do they work?

Lasers use an invisible light beam that works precisely, allowing the filling to be placed in the desired position. While drilling using traditional tools, dentists had to drill through the tooth to remove the decayed tissue, but with a laser, a filling can be inserted in a precise way. 

Laser dentistry treats cavities using water, air, and light instead of needles. This makes procedures painless which, of course, our patients love. If you wish to get a filling done between your busy schedule, then your answer is here. You can get one placed easily with the help of laser treatment.

Can laser dentistry be used on kids?

Laser dentistry is absolutely safe for both children and adults. This is an effective way of treating cavities and also soft tissues, which includes exposure of wisdom teeth or swelling in gums due to braces. There is also no need for stitches and sutures.

Is laser dentistry as good as it sounds?

Laser dentistry is a huge success in the field of dentistry, but it also has some limitations. For example, we can’t use it to treat teeth that already have fillings and also can’t fill cavities of certain teeth. The use of anesthesia is usually not required, but checking your pain tolerance, the dentist will let you know if you need to be sedated or not.

Laser dentistry can save you time and money. Numerous appointments as per scheduled appointments can be a headache for you. But with lasers, you can get your teeth filled in a single go and also in no time. Now, you don’t have to worry about the pain or discomfort felt while drilling or have a puffy face after the procedure!

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