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Biomimetic Dentistry

biomimetic dentistry tempe arizonaBiomimetic dentistry is an approach that favors preserving natural tooth structure as much as possible. At Beautiful Dentistry, our caring team strives to help our patients enjoy vibrant oral health without compromising the aesthetics of their smile. This approach to treating oral disease focuses on mimicking the biological structure of teeth with materials such as porcelain and adhesives, so that patients enjoy conservative and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

When compared to restorative methods of the past, biomimetic practices require less tooth reduction. This means that patients can retain more natural tooth structure and enjoy more biocompatible restorative materials. Advancements in modern dentistry, specifically the use of composite resin, porcelain and bonding agents, allow Dr. Heap to repair broken and damaged teeth with less invasive treatment protocols.

An easy way to understand this concept is to break down the word biomimetic into two parts. The first part is “bio”, which refers to the biological structure of oral tissue; and “mimetic” means to duplicate or copy – like the word “mimic”. Combined, this principle means that when possible, the natural structure of teeth is superior to anything else and should be preserved whenever feasible.

Examples of Biomimetic Dentistry

One example of biomimetic dentistry would be the use of adhesives to repair broken and chipped teeth instead of more invasive restorations like onlays or crowns. An adhesive can hold together a broken tooth while also sealing its interior structure from exposure to debris and bacteria. Bonding adhesives can reduce the need for tooth preparation and removal – such as that necessary when placing a dental crown. Additionally, some materials are superior to others when it comes to preserving tooth structure. Composite resin, for instance, bonds better to teeth on a chemical level than dark, amalgam fillings. Made from plastic and glass, composite resin makes for a durable filling or adhesive and typically allows a patient to retain more of their natural tooth structure when compared to metal restorations.

Patients who prefer holistic and natural approaches to healthcare tend to enjoy the benefits that biomimetic dentistry has to offer. This approach is also advantageous to those concerned about the appearance of obvious and conspicuous dental work.

If you are interested in learning more about this method of dental care, call our office to reserve a checkup or consultation with Dr. Heap.

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