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Tips For a Smooth Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on: Sunday, September 16th, 2018

wisdom teeth extraction Tempe AZPeople have their wisdom teeth removed for many different reasons. They are the third and final molars on either side of the jaw and they usually erupt around the late teens or early twenties. However, when complications arise, your dentist may recommend extraction. Wisdom teeth extraction is a simple outpatient procedure and following these recovery tips can lessen any discomfort associated with the healing process.

Tips for a Smooth Recovery

Your dental provider will likely give you home care instructions following your procedure, but there are a few golden rules that speed up the healing process. The first rule is to try and keep your head elevated, even when sleeping. Prop yourself up if you must. This will help eliminate unnecessary throbbing. For the first day or two a cold compress to the cheek can help eliminate swelling. Twenty-minute intervals is usually recommended. You’ll also want to stick to a diet of liquids and soft foods for a couple of days. Be sure to have gauze pads available to keep pressure on the area until clotting has taken place.

There are also just a couple of things you want to avoid at all cost to make a speedy recovery. One of these things is a straw. Using a straw after wisdom tooth removal can result in dry socket, which is a complication. You will also want to avoid smoking and spitting as these actions can dislodge the clot that forms during the healing process. It is also best to avoid carbonated beverages after wisdom tooth removal. Additionally, don’t make huge plans for two to three days after your procedure. Your body will need plenty of rest so that it can heal as quickly as possible.

Know When to Call Your Dentist

Wisdom tooth removal is an outpatient procedure and slight discomfort is expected as you start to heal. Proper home care can speed recovery time and make you more comfortable in the process. Follow these tips, in addition to any instructions from your dentist to eliminate possible complications.

If your wisdom teeth are erupting or you are considering having your wisdom teeth removed, call our office today. Our friendly, intelligent staff is always happy to answer questions and help you explore all the options available to you so that you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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