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Pregnancy and Dental Health

Posted on: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

oral health Tempe AZHaving a baby is a major life changing event; so many things to think about. Consideration should be given to how pregnancy can impact your oral health for the many months before you give birth; your family dentist is prepared to discuss this with you. If you are pregnant or making future plans, taking care of your teeth is probably not your main concern. But you need to rethink how pregnancy can impact your dental health.

Obviously your body is undergoing significant changes during pregnancy; one of those changes is hormonal. While your mood may be impacted, so are your teeth and gums. Many women experience tender or bleeding gum tissue. This is known as pregnancy gingivitis … teeth may even feel loose; don’t panic, but contact your family dentist for instructions on dental care.

An important fact to remember is your baby’s teeth are forming during pregnancy. Your diet needs to be nutritious for both you and your baby. Stay hydrated (water – no soda and definitely no alcohol); while you may crave certain foods, just remember to keep your diet balanced with highly nutritious dairy, protein, fruits, and vegetables. 

Morning sickness can occur at any time of day or night. For many women, this passes in a month or two; however, for some pregnancies this condition may be persistent. The acids produced can damage dental enamel so rinsing teeth is a better solution than brushing right away.

If brushing itself brings on a gagging reflex, you might consider a different tasting toothpaste; using a smaller toothbrush; or if brushing first thing in the morning is difficult brush a little later in the day. Always rinse thoroughly following brushing. 

While certain dental procedures should be delayed during your first trimester, it is perfectly safe to visit your dentist during pregnancy. Just make sure to let your dental staff know your condition.

Having plaque removed and keeping your teeth clean during pregnancy will help you to maintain great oral health. Taking great care of your teeth throughout your pregnancy is one way you can continue to maintain overall good health.

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