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What Happens After Root Canal Therapy?

Posted on: Thursday, November 15th, 2018

root canal TempeA root canal is a valuable treatment option when the nerve of a tooth has been damaged due to trauma, decay, disease, or infection. Without endodontic therapy, the patient would be faced with an extraction; replacing a tooth is much costlier and time consuming than saving your biological tooth.

Some possible symptoms that could indicate the need for a root canal include swelling or pain in the jaw, pain when biting down, sensitivity, or a pimple like sore might be present.

Root canal therapy is a relatively simple procedure that in most cases is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity repaired.

The Root Canal Procedure

An x-ray will be taken to identify the total number of root canals and their position. It is imperative all canals be treated for a successful procedure. Your dentist will segregate the tooth to keep it dry; anesthetic will numb the tooth and surrounding area; an access point will be drilled into the tooth; endodontic files will be used to remove the contents of the canals.

Once all root canals have been cleared and flushed, your dentist will pack them with a material to provide stability for the treated tooth. If infection was noted, an antibiotic may be prescribed. The access point must be sealed to complete treatment.

Sealing the Access Point

If the tooth was infected, your dentist may choose to wait until the infection has been healed before sealing the tooth. If this was a scheduled root canal, and your dentist planned to seal the tooth with a dental crown, the tooth may be prepped for the crown while the tooth is still numb.

In certain instances, your dentist may opt to seal the opening with a tooth colored composite. However, a dental crown is often the tool used to seal a tooth following a root canal.

After Root Canal Care

Once your root canal has been completed, you may experience minor discomfort for a day or two. If your tooth was prepared for a dental crown, you will have a temporary in place until your final restoration is ready. Once your final crown is delivered, the tooth is sealed and the root canal process is completed.

Daily brushing and careful flossing accompanied with six month cleaning appointments will promote the health of all teeth, including those treated with root canal therapy. Schedule your next cleaning with us today!

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