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For some patients, going to the dentist can be an anxiety-provoking experience. At Beautiful Dentistry in Tempe, Arizona, Martin Sobieraj, DMD, MS, FAGD, creates a friendly and comfortable environment so that his patients feel at ease. Still, for those who need an extra boost, he also offers exceptional sedation dentistry. To learn more about how sedation dentistry can improve your dental experience, schedule a visit today by calling the office, or booking an appointment online.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using a medical sedative to alleviate any fears or anxieties that you might have about undergoing dental work.

For many patients, including both children and adults, dental phobias are a genuine impediment to getting proper care for their smiles. Whether it’s an aversion to coming in for routine cleanings and checkups or an inability to sit still and relax in the chair during a lengthy procedure, dental anxiety can severely impact your oral health.

Sedation dentistry enables Dr. Sobieraj to more efficiently treat patients who would otherwise be unable or unwilling to receive the care they need for a healthier and more beautiful smile. 

What sedation options do you offer?

Dr. Sobieraj offers a few different sedation options at Beautiful Dentistry, including:

Conscious oral sedation

Conscious oral sedation is a pill that you take before coming to the office for your procedure. It’s an anti-anxiety medication that alleviates the activity in your brain that causes you to feel afraid or anxious. It won’t fully put you to sleep, and you’ll be able to respond to any questions Dr. Sobieraj might ask you during your treatment.

Conscious oral sedation can take a little while to wear off after you’ve finished your procedure, so if you decide to use this form of sedation dentistry, you’ll need to arrange for a ride to and from your appointment.

Laughing gas

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a gaseous form of sedation dentistry that you inhale through a flexible plastic mask that Dr. Sobieraj places over your nose before and during your procedure. 

The odorless gas begins to work in a matter of minutes after you start breathing it in, temporarily alleviating your anxiety and putting you in a deep state of relaxation. Some patients even get the giggles.

After Dr. Sobieraj finishes your treatment, he pumps pure oxygen into the mask, which you breathe in to flush the nitrous oxide from your system. You should feel normal again soon after you stop inhaling nitrous oxide.

Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry?

If you’d like relief from your dental anxiety, then you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Dr. Sobieraj can give you a more thorough assessment to determine which sedative options would best support your dental experience.

Find relief from your dental anxieties today by scheduling a sedation dentistry consultation with Dr. Sobieraj at Beautiful Dentistry. You can book your visit by phone or online.