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Oral Sedation

oral sedation tempe arizonaOur caring team at Beautiful Dentistry understands that many folks suffer with anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. In fact, dental phobias are a somewhat common phenomenon and there are methods to alleviate anxiety so that fearful patients receive the oral healthcare they need and deserve.

For some patients, dental anxiety can prevent them from receiving routine checkups or necessary care. Anxiety and dental phobias can be quite debilitating; and putting off oral healthcare appointments can lead to the development of chronic and devastating conditions – like periodontal disease, tooth loss and abscesses.

At our practice, we take all measures necessary to ensure that our guests have positive experiences for all kinds of treatment. Since patient comfort is so important to our practice philosophy, Dr. Heap offers oral sedation. This type of sedation is a safe way for patients with anxiety and phobias to feel calm and at ease during cleanings and dental procedures.

How Oral Sedation Works

Oral sedation is a relatively simple way to assuage discomfort and anxiety associated with receiving dental care. If a patient has phobias or is nervous about an appointment, Dr. Heap may prescribe sedative medication to be taken right before one’s visit to our office. This medication may be taken the night before an appointment so that anxiety doesn’t keep one from sleeping, and again about an hour before treatment.

The medication prescribed comes from the benzodiazepine family of drugs in tablet form. The dosage prescribed will be determined for each patient based on different factors, such as body weight and previous medication history. Benzodiazepines are formulated specifically to block the chemicals released by the brain that cause feelings of worry, nervousness and panic. When taking this medication, patients will feel calm and at ease and sometimes groggy. Since oral sedation impairs cognitive and motor function, those receiving treatment must arrange for transportation to and from our office with a friend or family member.

Fearful patients who receive oral sedation overwhelmingly report positive experiences with our team. If you suffer with dental phobias or anxiety, feel free to discuss your concerns with a member of our staff. Our goal is to provide accessible and comfortable oral healthcare to all patients.

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