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The Importance of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Most people will have to have a wisdom teeth extraction, usually in their late teens or early twenties. Because these last four molars are large, very few people have room for them, and they tend to become impacted or move other teeth out of alignment as they emerge. It’s very important to have them removed […]

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A smile makeover: Are veneers my only option?

A smile makeover is a term that refers to a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures that address various issues with your smile. The procedures chosen depend upon your personal goals and what you’d like your teeth to look like after treatment. Your dentist can help assemble a personalized treatment schedule to give you the smile […]

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Expectations for a Wisdom Teeth Consult

It is a rare individual who still has all his wisdom teeth. Most people need to have them removed not long after they emerge, because there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth to accommodate them. If this back set of molars is beginning to arrive, and you’re experiencing discomfort, schedule a consultation with your […]

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Break These Bad Brushing Habits

You may think that you’re benefitting your oral health by brushing your teeth twice each day, but bad brushing habits can do more harm than good. Here are some tips for breaking these unhelpful patterns so that you won’t need additional treatment from your family dentist. Don’t brush too hard: When it comes to brushing […]

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How careful must I be with my new veneers?

Veneers are a popular and versatile form of cosmetic dentistry. They can correct a wide range of issues with your smile. They are also very durable, and can last many years with proper care. Your cosmetic dentist will provide you with instructions on how to care for you new veneers in order to maintain your […]

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What is the best age to have wisdom teeth removed?

Most people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point. Although it’s most common to have this procedure in your late teens or early twenties, some people have them removed much later, and some never have them removed at all. If your wisdom teeth have become uncomfortable, impacted, or decayed, talk to […]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Optimize Whole Body Health

Wisdom teeth, when retained, can cause a number of problems with your health and wellbeing. These teeth contribute to conditions like tooth decay, occlusal issues, TMJ disorder, and periodontal (gum disease). Wisdom teeth removal is an important aspect of safeguarding one’s oral health. Since these tooth extractions are more complicated than other types of extractions, […]

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Dental Implants: An Investment Worth Smiling About

Some patients may have reservations about the initial price tag of dental implants, but ultimately this durable solution for tooth loss can be a worthwhile investment in the long run. When you suffer tooth loss, it’s important to replace your missing tooth or teeth because failing to do so can cause consequences for your oral […]

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Considering dentures: What are the first steps?

If you have lost your remaining teeth or had them extracted, you may be wondering what to do next in order to restore a complete smile. You have a number of options for dentures, and it’s important to have all of the accurate information you need to make the right treatment decision for your case. […]

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Rejuvenate your smile with cosmetic dentistry

When looking into a mirror, what do you see?  Do you focus on improvements that might be attained by improving your smile?  Have you ever given thought to what could be achieved simply by a visit to your dentist? Our cosmetic dentist has tools available to help you reach goals you might have thought were […]

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